My decision was clear: I’m going to be a pastry chef!

Ever since I was a little girl our family house was wraped in an amazing scent of sweet delicacies that captured my heart and never let go. Every weekend my mom and I baked together …cakes, pies, cookies, pastries. These memories and these scents became my passion, I knew I had to be a pastry chef and try to spread the same joy I felt then. So now, I am here for you, to give you something sweet, something really good, so delicious, a piece of fantasy to melt in your mouth.

My work is my passion!

From years 2012 to 2014 I attended a medium-level school in Novo Mesto and became a medium-level skill confectioner. I’m a medium-level skill confectioner.

Later on I attended many various confectionery work shops and trained my skills and experience. I baked for my family and friends and strenghten my abilities day by day. This familiar domestic environment gave me a strenght and confidence to step on the path of entrepreneurship that lead me to open my own bakery, to do what I love the most, to do what makes me happy. For me, it is most important to share my passion with you and give you my best – Sara’ s Goodies.

The next step – opening of my own bakery

The essence of my philosophy is the use of the best local ingredients in traditional recipes to offer you the sweetest taste of my passion for baking.

You can buy all my goodies in my little bakery shop in trg Zbora odposlancev 59, 1330 Kočevje. It’s open every working day from 8.00 til 17.00.